Internet Advertising And Marketing: 101

February 15, 2009

What are the basics for a business website?

The following 4 posts cover “what I need to know.”

Here we will go over some concepts of successful Internet marketing campaigns. These will include Web site optimization, what to embrace and what to avoid, accessibility concerns, growth plans, audience and traffic, and security and privacy. We will explore push versus pull technologies and the liability of making security and privacy claims. If you’re serious about succeeding in business, you must have an Internet presence. Learn how to go about doing it.

Website Optimization and Marketing

I. Hire a professional ISP who is “Customer’s Customer-Centric”

  1. Determine the extent of their experience
  2. Examples of results, NOT JUST LOOKS
  3. Don’t accept their “Bill of Goods” unknowingly
  4. Don’t compete on price
  5. Can apply past experience to learn about your business

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