What Do I Need to Know About Website Content?

February 15, 2009

Site Content

  1. Content Development Plan – Must grab viewer’s interest
    1. Sales
    2. Service
    3. Marketing
    4. Promotions
    5. Photos/Images
    6. Geographic segments demographic segments, etc..
  2. Create Good Copy
    1. Important to have solid foundation
    2. On-going refinement
    3. Attention to keywords
    4. Learn from your viewers – Give the people what they want
  3. Assess Navigability
    1. Any page can be the first page that a viewer sees
    2. Easy to find one’s way around
    3. Easy to find contact information or a contact form
    4. Overall easy to find the info
    5. Not a lot of clicking required
  4. Assess User Friendliness
    1. Good crisp images
    2. Good product/service descriptions
    3. No broken links
    4. Clean lines
    5. Load times
    6. Spell checked

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