OpenX Advertising Delivery And Marketplace

July 11, 2009

The next series of articles is about OpenX.

OpenX is a open source advertising delivery system. “OpenX Ad Server is a powerful open source platform that manages advertising for more than 150,000 websites in over 100 countries. More than 300 billion ads run through OpenX Ad Servers each month. And since it’s available as a software download or as a hosted service, you can decide to run it yourself or let us take care of managing the infrastructure for you”, says

OpenX also offers OpenX Market. The Market is similar to Google’s AdSense / AdWords. The main difference is that with AdSense Google serves the ad. With OpenX Market, your own ad server delivers the advertisements. says,
“OpenX Market is an easy to use, structured marketplace where publishers can sell their ad inventory to a wide array of competing advertisers. Through OpenX Market:
* Publishers can maximize revenue for their ad space
* Advertisers can access targeted, premium ad inventory
* Technology providers can integrate with an independent monetization platform”

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