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March 21, 2012
March 2012
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Implementing an additional ad unit on pages with less than three ad units can result in a clear uplift of your AdSense earnings. In this issue’s optimization section, we help you decide when it’s appropriate to add an additional ad unit to your pages. You’ll also learn about:
  • Using Electronic Funds Transfer to receive payments
  • Subscribing to our Inside AdSense Blog
  • Receiving occasional emails from AdSense
  • Implementing AdSense for Content on game play pages
  • Checking your account performance with the AdSense Publisher Toolbar


The Google AdSense team

  Tip of the Month
Think about your users and existing content when adding new units

Placing additional ad units on content-rich and policy-compliant pages of your site is one of the most revenue-positive changes you can make to your AdSense implementation. You can place new ad units on pages that aren’t yet showing AdSense ads, or increase the number of AdSense ad units to three.

Create new ad units

Whether your ads are from AdSense or other sources, the focus of your site should always be on delivering the best possible user experience. When choosing where to place new ad units, consider the layout of your pages and the amount of content on them. For more information and recommendations, check out our video below.
Start using Electronic Funds Transfer to receive your payments
Did you know that standard delivery checks can take up to four weeks to arrive and that you may also be charged a commission fee when depositing your check? Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments arrive directly to your bank account just days after posting to your payments page and are free of charge. As an added bonus, EFT is the most environmentally-friendly payment method available, eliminating the paper needed to print and send a check. Check whether EFT is available in your country and follow the sign-up instructions in our Help Center .

Subscribe to our Inside AdSense Blog 

We regularly post helpful information in our Inside AdSense Blog  – everything from event invites to product announcements and optimization tips. Make sure you’re on top of what’s happening in AdSense by subscribing to our blog via feed or email. Both options are on the right-hand panel and it only takes seconds to complete. Sign up today!

Check your account performance with the AdSense Publisher Toolbar 

We recently released a new Chrome extension called AdSense Publisher Toolbar, which allows you to see a snapshot of your earnings and account performance while you’re viewing your site. It also includes ad overlays that describe the recent performance of specific ad units. Learn more about this extension in our Inside AdSense blog and try it out today.

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…Did you know?
Occasional emails from AdSense
Did you know that our team offers occasional emails other than the AdSense newsletter? You can, for example, choose to receive personalized optimization tips or invitations to AdSense events. An overview of the available types of emails can be found in our Help Center. To change your email preferences:
  • Sign in to your account
  • On the ‘Home’ tab, visit the ‘Account settings’ page
  • In the ‘Personal settings’ section, click ‘edit’
  • Check the boxes associated with the types of messages that you’d like to receive
  • Click Save
To make the most of your account, we encourage you to receive those additional emails. Make sure you also check out the new AdSense newsletter archive.

Program Policies
AdSense for Content on game play pages
Previously, we shared how keeping the right distance between ads and content, and using the right product, can help to avoid accidental clicks. Publishers with gaming sites have also asked for advice on how to place AdSense for Content ads on game play pages. In this blog post , we provide more tips, insights, and examples of ad implementations on game play pages that are compliant and not-compliant with our policies. 

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